PhotoCollab - Seamless Photography Business Management

A comprehensive solution for photographers to manage their photo albums, collaborate with clients, create impressive portfolios, and handle client-related tasks seamlessly.

  • Quotations & Invoices
  • Accept Online Payments
  • Client-driven photo selection
  • Auto-updating built-in website
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RevenueSync - Empowering music businesses for financial success.

Discover our advanced dashboard software for record labels, streamlining music distribution revenue management. Effortlessly process statements from top distributors like FUGA, Vydia, and Bonfire, with robust reporting. Artists can log in for earnings and analytics

  • Multiple Distributors
  • Generate Reports
  • Graphical Analytics
  • Artist Login
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Azzistant - Making Business Management Easier

A dashboard specially crafted for small and medium-scale businesses. Seamlessly manage client data, create professional invoices, track expenses, and access real-time reports - all in one place.

  • Accept Online Payments
  • Create Quotations
  • Create Invoices
  • Manage Client Data
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An educational platform where students can seek answers to their academic questions from a supportive community and receive instant responses from AI bots. Privacy is paramount, allowing students to engage while maintaining anonymity.

  • Ask Questions
  • Get Answers
  • Privacy Protected
  • Instant Responses
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