traQ – IOT Project – (2019)

In the modern world, waiting in queues has become a major issue as it wastes the time of people. As a solution, the queue management systems are used to control the queues. But with the growth of technology it is better to have more modernized and useful method to overcome this problem.

For example, after booking a number to consult a doctor, the patient should wait until his time comes or if he misses, he should wait until the numbers come to an end. As this is a time-consuming activity, as a solution a track system is created in order to make things easy for the general public. Through this application, a person can track the ongoing activity and book a number of queue. For an example, the patient can see the consulting number that the doctor consults at the moment, through this application, and can go to the place at the perfect time without hanging around or without waiting. This tracking system is fingertip activity which can make the lives better and easier.

traQ is mobile based application that can monitor and control queues in real time and get the real time status of the queue.

Using this application queue makers can provide smart queue and it helps to speed up their performance and make their services more efficient. And customers will be able to book a number in queue without wasting their time having to wait in queue.

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