– Website – (2017)

NinetySix” is an event photography firm and I’m a Co-founder. We had been publishing our photo albums on our Facebook Page for a while. Then we created our website to showcase our services and allow consumers to see what our brand is all about.

We’ve faced many difficulties some times when uploading albums to Facebook. Getting errors after a long time the upload process has gone. Sometimes album was uploaded, but not showing on the timeline. Some of our clients doesn’t had Facebook accounts. And sometimes the government blocks Facebook temporally. So for that reasons and many other reasons, we decided to start publishing photo albums on our own website.

We selected Flickr as our storage service. I created a photo viewer for our website using Flickr API. Flickr Pro allows us to use an unlimited storage space for 59.88 USD annually. And the most interesting thing is it’s very easy for our photographers to upload photos now. Adobe Lightroom Classic CC is the software our photographers use to retouch photos. Lightroom has a built-in option to publish photos to Flickr.

Used Bento WordPress Theme with so many customizations. For the Photo Viewer I used Materialize CSS framework, Dan Coulter’s phpFlickr class, imagesLoaded, jQuery lightgallery and Justified Gallery.

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